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The Trust

In the Beginning... The Rideau Waterway Corridor 

In the early 1990’s a group of concerned citizens met to discuss their concerns about the disappearance of natural spaces along the Rideau Waterway and the methods available to preserve these spaces. Out of these early meetings grew the idea to form a land trust.

The Rideau Waterway Land Trust (RWLT) was incorporated in the spring of 1996 as a non-profit organization with charitable status. From these humble beginnings, the RWLT grew quickly to become one of the leading community based land trusts in Canada.

The Challenge

With this growth came great successes but also great challenges. With a growing supporter base of 600 families and businesses and a core of active volunteers, the RWLT has been able to preserve 21 significant properties through ownership and conservation easement while expanding its area of interest to include all the communities within the Rideau Corridor from Kingston to Ottawa.

It has become evident that if the RWLT is to meet the expectations placed on it by the community, it has to expand the capacity of the organization to deliver its land preservation programs. The community has demonstrated its willingness to support the organization both in volunteer time and financial donations and in doing so continues to challenge the organization.


Nature has a future because our communities care.


To preserve important natural lands and habitat in the Rideau Corridor and foster a healthy future for our communities.

Guiding Principles

  • We focus on the preservation of important land that supports plants, animals and clean water.
  • Our actions are inclusive and for the benefit of the community.
  • We welcome the participation of those who appreciate the importance of nature.
  • We strive for the right balance between access and the protection of conservation values.
  • We partner with other organizations on mutually beneficial activities.

Long-Term Goals


  • Our organization merits the trust placed in it by the community.
  • All members of the public appreciate the importance of natural areas.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Board Development – renew and expand diverse board membership;
  2. Finances – maintain current annual operating budget and grow stewardship fund;
  3. Staff – engage an operating officer at least on part-time basis;
  4. Property Management – practice sound management of entrusted property holdings;
  5. Communications – enhance provision of RWLT current information to the public.

See the actions related to these ‘Strategic Priorities’.

The Future

The next few decades will prove to be pivotal in the history of land in the communities in the Rideau Area. There are many evolving factors, including changing climate, new science about habitat and wildlife loss as well as the role of nature in human health, and national and international initiatives to quickly conserve more of the earth’s natural heritage. The RWLT is determined to do its part to conserve nature and will position itself to accelerate the pace and quality of land conservation along the Rideau Waterway and in Eastern Ontario.

Rideau Waterway Land Trust, P.O. Box 42, Elgin, Ontario, K0G 1E0 Canada. Phone: +1 (343) 653 2500

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