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History of the Cabins at Rock Dunder

Before the Boy Scouts acquired Rock Dunder, a professor of civil engineering at Queen’s university, Stanley Lash, was its proprietor.

In the 1960s, the Boy Scouts began to search for properties that would be appropriate camping sites. Fortune’s favour had put Sandy MacLachlan a Scoutmaster in the same neighbourhood as Stanley Lash, where they connected immediately. The Scouts acquired the property in 1965, and had one of its first hikes lead by Sandy, with his own son in tow as a young boy scout.

From 1966 to the 1970s, the scouts often camped at Rock Dunder. Then in the fall of 1970, the 10th Kingston troop disassembled a log farm building from north of Smith Falls and brought the logs back to Kingston. The building was reassembled in Sandy’s backyard, where he made modification, such as the introduction of windows, frames, and the door. The building was disassembled again and hauled up to Rock Dunder as logs and reassembled on the current site under the direction of the Scoutmaster Dave Hornby. This is what is marked as cabin 1. The cabin was then used for winter camping starting in the winter of 1971-1972.

Shortly after, the Fort Henry troop also became interested in building a log cabin at Rock Dunder, with logs being brought over by water. This is cabin 2. The largest cabin, known as the education cottage, was built last.

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