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Brenda-Carter Nature Reserve

Brenda-Carter Nature Reserve Property Management Plan: Brenda Carter PMP.pdf

Brenda Carter and Gerald Phillips donated the Brenda Carter Nature Reserve to RWLT in 2009 through the Federal Ecological Gifts Program. Brenda and Gerald also donated our other property, Carter-Phillips Nature Area.

Brenda Carter Nature Reserve is RWLT's largest preserved property and consists of woodlands, wetlands, old fields and alvar. It is part of both Brassil's Creek and Marlborough Forest Provincially Significant Wetlands.

These habitats provide homes for many species including numerous provincially significant species and species at risk. American Bullfrog, Wood Duck, Great Horned Owl, White-tailed Deer, Red-tailed Hawk, Ruffed Grouse, Snapping Turtle, Northern Flicker, Cedar Waxwing are just some examples of species you might find on this special property.

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