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Red Rock Nature Reserve

Located on the northern shore of Big Rideau Lake you will find a property known affectionately to generations of Rideau cottagers and boaters as “Red Rock”. This magnificent property, with its large granite rock and sheltered cove, has provided many memories for the children of the area. A favourite summer childhood memory for many cottagers is boating to Red Rock and enjoying a picnic on the grassy knoll or a swim at the beach. The rolling granite rock, with its distinctive red colour, affords a beautiful view of Big Rideau Lake.

This area has come under heavy development in recent years. Two citizens, concerned that the natural features of this property would be lost forever, approached the Land Trust with a wish to see the property preserved in its natural state. Sue Halpenny and Christie Cass were instrumental in securing the property, and with the help of other members of the community, the property has been preserved in perpetuity.

This magnificent property is now entrusted to the care of the Land Trust and will continue to be enjoyed by future generations.

An Osprey nesting platform was erected on Red Rock in late 2004 with the help of the volunteers of the Leeds County Stewardship Council.

Rideau Waterway Land Trust, P.O. Box 42, Elgin, Ontario, K0G 1E0 Canada. Phone: +1 (343) 653 2500

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