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Guest Reviews of Covington Cottage


Reviews from our Guest Book:

"A great quiet spot hidden among the trees. We had a fun time fishing, canoeing, hiking, and exploring nearby towns and wilderness. Thanks a lot!" - Aug 2017

"We had a great time out here. The cottage is a gem and the view wonderful. It was nice to see the doe and fawn on our first morning here and the wild turkeys. Managed to get some photos of the blue heron and loon. Willow, our dog, also had a great time exploring the forest with us." - Sept 2017

"What an absolutely amazing, beautiful, serene, magical piece of serenity you have here. Getting back to nature is just what we needed and this was the perfect place to do it. We both feel very fortunate to have stumbled across this haven and will never forget it!" - July 2018

"Beautiful, tranquil, and peace filled place. Days of reading, canoeing, and sitting; nights of frog song and fireflies." - July 2019

"This is a magnificent find! I am grateful for the opportunity to care for this place as if it were my own. Thank you to all those who came before us and left their mark and their contributions to this gem. I watched nature in it's glory. Two mink came and played at the edge of the lily pads. Hummingbird visited a few times. This morning a huge pileated woodpecker! I loved it so much that I booked Covington Cottage next summer." - Aug 2020

"What a magnificent natural sanctuary! A sacred place to breath, to relax, to count your toes and all your blessings. Thank you for your vision!" - Sept 2020

Flora and Fauna seen at Covington Cottage:

Deer & fawns, turtles (painted, snapping), frogs (leopard, bull), wild turkeys, water snakes, bass, perch, sunfish, racoons, chipmunks, muskrats, coyote, porcupine, dock spider, squirrels (red, black, wood), river otter family

Birds: Swans, Humming Bird, Bald Eagle, Great Blue Herons, Loons, Woodpeckers, Blue jay, Red-winged black bird, Eastern Phoebe, Chickadees,  Great Horned Owl, Wood Ducks, Swamp Sparrow, Tundra Swans, Red-Tailed Hawk

To book your own stay at Covington Cottage, reserve online or email for more details. 

Rideau Waterway Land Trust, P.O. Box 42, Elgin, Ontario, K0G 1E0 Canada. Phone: +1 (343) 653 2500

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