Planned Giving

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The wonderful gift of land…

The term planned giving can be confusing.  There are many different definitions but the RWLT prefers to take the simpler approach that is easily understood.  Planned Giving means a gift made from your savings versus Annual Giving which is a gift made from your income.

With this definition a planned gift can be made during your lifetime or it can be made through your estate.  Planned gifts often can be significant so the RWLT encourages all of its supporters to discuss your ideas first with your family and financial advisors and then with the RWLT.  The RWLT has many recognition opportunities available for supporters to make a meaningful gift to fund a land acquisition or a program – a few options are listed below.

Lands and Property
Gifts of Publically Traded Securities
Life Insurance

For our US supporters the RWLT will work with you, your financial planner and the American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts to ensure your gift will go to work in your adopted Rideau community while generating tax credits that can be applied to your US income tax.

There are many other mechanisms available that will enable you to make a meaningful gift to the RWLT and leave a legacy and preserve some of those special places in our community.  Such things as charitable remainder trusts or gift annuities are available.  Talk to your financial advisor and the RWLT and together we can structure a meaningful gift that will benefit your community while achieving meaningful tax savings.